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Our History


On April 29, SOPOMA S.r.l. is renamed in K+S Italia S.r.l.


SOPOMA S.r.l. expands its activities to the environment business of K+S Entsorgung GmbH providing a wide range of services.


SOPOMA S.r.l. expands its activities by the salt business of K+S being active in the food-grade, industrial and de-icing salt markets.


Opening of the company’s first warehouse in Verona. During the past three years, new warehouses were added throughout the country in order to guarantee a local-level distribution and logistical function.


On October 10, the SOPOMA S.r.l. (Società di Potassio e Magnesio) is founded in Verona, Italy, in order to market the fertilisers of the German company Kali und Salz GmbH in Italy.