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Optimum nutrient ratio for quality crops. Discover more in Italian.

K+S Italia S.r.l.

K+S Italia S.r.l. is the Italian subsidiary of K+S, with its headquarters in Kassel, Germany. Since its foundation in 1984 the company has operated in the Italian fertiliser and mineral industry. Back then it was called SOPOMA S.r.l. Società Potassio e Magnesio, but since then K+S Italia S.r.l. has become a leading example for companies working in the agricultural and industrial markets.

Our business:

  • Potassium and magnesium based products
    They offer mineral fertilisers with special plant nutrients, products for industrial applications, high purity potassium and magnesium salts for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries as well as food and feed additives. The company also offers technical and logistics consulting services.
  • Sodium chloride based products
    They offer salt products for food processing, de-icing and other industrial applications.
  • Environmental services
    They offer underground recovery, underground waste disposal services and services for the secondary aluminium industry (REKAL).

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