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Our Team

Every employee of K+S Italia S.r.l. plays a significant role in our company and contributes to the value we offer our customers and partners.

Our team is very diverse, composed of people with commercial and technical backgrounds, focused on the customer from pre-sales to after-sales. We want to be reliable partners you can talk to, find the best solutions for our customers and be competitive.

Every day our employees bring their professional experiences to meet the needs of our customers, to find fulfillment in their work and to share the principles and values of K+S.

Chief Executive Officer

Marta De Rossi


Francesco Rigacci, Direct sales Fertilizers – Consulenza tecnica & Marketing

Marta De Rossi

Angelo Filipazzi, Direct sales Industrial

Administration & Human Resources

Marta De Rossi

Back Office

Sebastiano Rizzotti, Supply Chain Fertilizer

Stefania Santini, CS-Industry

Silvia Bovo, CS-Fertilizer

Chiara D'Agostino, Accounting & Documentation